Want to be better at English?

Par YANNICK TROCCAZ, publié le mardi 15 septembre 2015 19:00 - Mis à jour le samedi 3 octobre 2020 16:23

Here is a list of useful links to be better at English:

  • Writing 

Look here for some useful advice on how to write a (good!) text.

  • Pronunciation

How is this word pronounced?

  • Listen to words at

  • and whole phrases and sentences at

  • Grammar

  • British English vs American English

2 videos

  • Reading

There are loads of free magazines out there to choose from if you want to improve your reading skills (and you should!)

You will also find short stories for free here:


  • Watching (and listening)

Watch British and American TV channels live!

Watch documentaries

Listen to podcasts

why don’t you listen to British radio stations?

and, of course, the good old BBC!

You should watch and listen to as much English as you can, from different parts of the world (the UK and the USA but also from Australia, South Africa, India, Canada, New Zealand,  Kenya, Ireland, etc. , etc.)  

  • Quizes

grammar 1 / 2 / 3 (wish + conditiona)l / 4 (difficult)

vocabulary 1 / 2

civilisation 1 / 2


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